Chocolate Colours

Mangharam Chocolate Solutions offers a range of Chocolate and Cream Soluble Colours to enhance your Chocolates, Cakes, Pastries and Confections. 


Make your Chocolates COME TO LIFE with our Chocolate and Cream Soluble, Food-grade colours. The popular colours are :


Red,   Orange,   Golden Yellow,   Lemon Yellow,

Lime Green,   Leaf Green,   Pea Green,  

Pink,   Purple,   Blue,

White,  Maroon,   Brown,   Black.

Available in 25 gms, 100 gms and 500 gms Jars and 1 kg standipacks.


Mangharam Metallic Colour Range : 

In our Metallic Food-grade range, we have 6 different colours.

 Light Gold,  Gold Sheen,  Silver Lustre,

Red Amber,  Copper Orange,  Bronze Brown.

Available in 5 gms, 10 gms and 25 gms packing.

Mangharam Colour Combos : 

To view our Colour Combos, please click here 

You can experiment by mixing these colours and create new ones.