Chocolate Moulds

From bite-sized Praline moulds to Dessert Cups, from beautiful Chocolate Figurine moulds to Personalised Moulds, we have them all !

We offer you the finest Polycarbonate Chocolate Moulds in the world. Made in Europe, these moulds impart a fine shine and finish to the Chocolates, are extremely durable and unbreakable and give years of trouble-free service. These moulds are used at Chocolate Factories, Star Hotels, Flight Kitchens, Bakeries, Cake and Pastry Shops, Restaurants and Homes the world over.

As there are thousands of Chocolate Moulds to choose from, we have simplified the search criteria: 

If you wish to buy Chocolate Moulds from a particular series, you can choose from : 


RM Series MA Series RB Series RA Series Frank Haasnoot

RM Series are moulds supplied by Chocolate World, Belgium 

MA Series are moulds supplied by Martellato, Italy                                  

RB Series are moulds supplied by Hans Brunner, Germany

RA Series are moulds supplied by Cabrellon, Italy


If you wish to buy Chocolate Moulds of a particular shape, we can click the shape of your choice:

Round        Square       Rectangle    Conical        Oval       

Hexagonal         Octogonal         Hearts        Odd-shaped


If you wish to buy Chocolate Moulds based on themes, festivals, etc. we have categorised our collection into the following :

Animal, Fish and Shells    Assortments & Flat Moulds     

Bars & Slabs      Chocolate Wishes      Christmas & New Year       

Dessert Cups & Lollipops     Diwali Moulds      Easter Moulds           

    Gems, Gold & Diamonds      Valentines Hearts      

      Kids & Toys        Alphabets & Numbers

Modern Collection       Swirls, Spheres & Cones

Cocoa Bean, Flowers & Fruits    Garnish Moulds 


If you wish to buy Moulds as per weight of the Chocolate, we have divided our moulds as per grammage :

Tiny ( 1-4 gms )     Bite-sized ( 5-14 gms )       Big Bite ( 15-24 gms ) 

     Medium ( 25-49 gms )       Large ( 50-99 gms )     

Larger ( 100 - 499 gms )         Largest ( 500 gms & above ) 

To simplify your search for Personalised Chocolate Moulds, we have categorised them  into :

Bite-sized ( Magnetic Moulds )      Coins & Placards ( Stainless Steel Moulds ) 

Tablets ( Stainless Steel Moulds )        Polycarbonate Moulds 


If you require Magnetic Moulds, please click here   

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