ChocoMan Mini Spin Chocolate Coating & Panning Machine

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ChocoMan Mini Spin Chocolate Coating & Panning Machine 

Our ChocoMan Mini Spin is ideally suited for Coating Chocolate on Nuts, Fruits, Crispies, Marzipan, Caramel Crunch, etc.

The ChocoMan Mini Spin has been made keeping in mind the needs  of budding Bakers and Chocolatiers and is also very useful for lab use, small batch sizes, star hotels, etc.

Important features of our ChocoMan Spin :

1.  This is a heavy-duty and professional machine and can be used for commercial and domestic use. 

2.    Crafted from food-grade Stainless steel and comes fitted with a Coating Bowl of 12 inches diameter. 

3.    Fitted with a Speed Control feature to regulate the spinning speed of the bowl.

4.    Fitted with a powerful heater ( located below the pan ) , ideal for sugar coating.

5.   Noise-less and trouble-free operation. 

6.   Good quality gearbox, motor and switchgear ensures that the machine will work soundlessly and give good service.

7.   Small foot-print  and can be placed on a table. 

8.   Capacity : 1-2 kgs per batch size.

Most round, spherical and oval food products can be coated in our ChocoMan Mini Spin. Some of the popular items are : 

Nuts like almonds, cashews, peanuts, hazelnuts, etc.
Dates can also be coated easily.
Corn and rice balls, corn flakes, etc.
Beans like Coffee beans, etc. 
Marzipan and Truffle balls’ Caramel Crunch
And many more items….

Technical Specifications :

Length :  30 cms  x Depth 46 cms  x Height 47 cms  
Weight : 15 kgs approx.
Electrical power requirement / connection  : 500 watts / Single phase 220 V
Made : in China

Please note before placing an order : 

Please note that making dragees / chocolate coated nutties is a skill and art. If the customer is not familiar with this skill and art, it is strongly advised that  the customer learn this art from any chef/institute/consultant. We are only machine suppliers and in no way responsible if the final resultant products do not turn out as the customers expectations. Please do not ask us to solve any problems related to dragees and nutties making - their finishing/shining/melting, etc. We will supply the machine after receiving your acceptance of these conditions. 

Goods once sold will not take back or exchanged.

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