ChocoMan Chocolate Machines & Equipment

ChocoMan Chocolate Machines & Equipment from Mangharam Chocolate Solutions

We introduce ourselves as India’s first Company to offer TOTAL CHOCOLATE SOLUTIONS. We have been in field of Chocolate since 25 years and offer an entire range of Chocolate Machines, Melters and Moulds, Raw and Packing Materials, Technical Know-how Expertise….In fact, EVERYTHING IN CHOCOLATE !

We are happy to offer you our ChocoMan Chocolate Machines – designed in Europe and made by us in India, these machines offer you high production capacities at down – to - earth prices.

Machines for Melting, Tempering and Moulding Chocolate  : ChocoMan Star, ChocoMan 15 and ChocoMan 30. Click here for details.

Machines for Coating Round food items with Chocolate : ChocoMan Spin and      ChocoMan Coat 24 Machine Click here for details.

Machines for Enrobing Flat food items with Chocolate :  ChocoMan Enrober JZJ 08 and Gracia 24 Enrobing Machines. Click here for details.

Machines for Bean-to-Bar Chocolate making : ChocoMan Conche 40 and Spectra Stone Melangers / Grinders

Machines for Melting & Holding Chocolate : . ChocoMan Melting and Holding Machine BWG 100, BWG 200 and BWG 300

Other Machines : Vibrating Table, Flaking machine and Chocolate Fountains

 International Customers please click here to place orders.