Comparison between ChocoMan Spin and ChocoMan Coat 24 Panning Machines

ChocoMan Spin and ChocoMan Coat 24 Panning Machines Comparison: 


Specifications ChocoMan Spin ChocoMan Coat 24
Stainless Steel 304 food grade
Stainless Steel 304 food grade
Size Of Bowl 12 Inches 24 Inches
Capacity of Bowl 2-4 Kgs 12-14 Kgs
Usage Chocolateries, bakeries,laboratories for small batch trials, star hotels, etc. Chocolateries, bakeries, factories, etc
Type Table-top Floor-standing
Mobility No, unless purchased our optional SS trolley  Yes
Speed Control Of Bowl Yes Optional extra
Air Blower for ambient air  Yes Yes
Hot Air facility with temperature control No   Yes
Cold Air facility  No No
Compressor required No No

L 24”x B: 27” x H 28”

ie. L 61 cms x B 69 cms x H 71 cms with pipe fitted

L 23"x B 31” x H 57”

ie. L 57 cms x B 79 cms x H 146 cm with pipe fitted

Weight 30 Kgs 100 Kgs
Power Required 1 KVA 1 KVA
Electrical Connections  Single Phase 220V Single Phase 220V or 3 Phase 440V
Prices(Basic) Rs. 123,000.00 Rs. 163,560.00


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