Mangharam Personalised Chocolate Moulds

 Introducing a revolutionary new concept in Chocolate - Personalised Chocolates Moulds

Make Chocolates your Brand Ambassadors ! They look great, convey the message loud and clear, are cost effective and taste heavenly !
A Personalised Chocolate says a thousand words we let the Chocolates do the talking ! Please find below a few photos of some Personalised Chocolates developed by us for our clients.


Personalised Bite-sized Chocolates made using Magnetic Moulds

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Mangharam Personalised Chocolate Mold          

Bite-sized Personalised Chocolates : win friends and influence people with Personalised Chocolates displaying your Logo or your message, loud and clear !
These are extensively used by corporates, hotels and restaurants, airlines, etc. at parties, in offices, in board rooms and at important places to make a great impression. They make excellent giveaways on special days and occasions, on festivals and parties, get-togethers, corporate meets, etc. Click here for details.


Personalised Chocolate Coins made using our Stainless Steel Moulds

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Personalised Chocolate Coins : are useful for all of the above and more. As these Chocolate Coins are just 3 mm thick and hence, very light, they are also used as toppings for cakes, desserts, good-night chocolates, good-will chocolates, etc. For more details, please click here

Personalised Chocolate Placards made using Stainless Steel Moulds

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Personalised Chocolate Placards : generally ordered by Hotels, Bakeries, Pastry Shops, Ice cream Parlours and such establishments who wish to personalise their unique products, convey a message such as Happy Birthday, etc. by inserting these in their delicious confections. For more details, please click here

 Personalised Chocolate Tablets made using Stainless Steel Moulds

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Personalised Chocolate Tablets : are best to make a strong impact - they are used for grand occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, etc. Each Chocolate Tablet weighs about 75 to 300 gms and look really impressive. Add to that, the fact that they are made from solid Chocolate -  They sure make for totally unforgettable gifts ! Please find the details here

As you can see, we have a solution for all your Personalised Chocolate Mould requirements, be they Bite-sized Chocolates, Chocolate Coins, Chocolate Placards and Chocolate Tablets.

How does the system work ?

It's simple.....A Personalised Chocolate Mould set comprises of :

1. A Special Chocolate Mould ( these are either Magnetic Moulds or Stainless Steel moulds ), and

2. A Logo Sheet made from a Japanese polymer, which has the Logo / message inscribed on it.

The Special Mould gives the shape to the Chocolate and the Logo Sheet gives the personalization.

Benefits :

  • This concept is unique as the logo / message on the Chocolates can be either engraved or embossed and hence, gives a very nice 3 Dimensional effect to the Chocolates. Also, this concept is economical, durable and easy-to-use.

  • The same mould can be used for various Logos / messages by just interchanging the Logo Sheet. This Sheet is generally good for about 4,000 - 6,000 Chocolates or more depending on type, handling and usage.

  • We generally require only 7- 8 working days time to get the job done after receipt of your confirmation. We would require a hi-resolution image in black and white to start the work.

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In addition to the above Personalised Chocolate Making Solutions, we can also offer you PERSONALIZED POLYCARBONATE MOULDS. These are generally ordered by clients who require to mass-produce chocolates and hence, require a minimum of 100 moulds. These Personalised Polycarbonate Moulds are custom made for our clients from leading European Chocolate Mould manufacturers like Chocolate World, Martellato, etc. For more details about Personalised Polycarbonate Moulds, please click here