Mangharam Personalised Tablet Moulds

Presenting a new innovation in the world of Chocolate – Chocolate Tablets

If only your Chocolates could speak.....actually, now THEY CAN SPEAK ! 


Chocolate Tablets and Slabs made using our Stainless Steel Moulds...we would be happy to make one for you too !

Welcome to a brand new way of making yourself HEARD and NOTICED and RECOGNIZED ! These Chocolate Tablets are ideal for conveying messages to your family, friends and associates. Be it a Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding or Special Event, no announcement even comes close to A CUSTOM BESPOKE CHOCOLATE SLAB OR TABLET.

          How does it work ?

 It's simple.....A Personalised Tablet Chocolate Mould set comprises of :

1. A Stainless Steel Mould, and
2. A Logo Sheet made from a Japanese polymer, which has the Logo / message inscribed on it.
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The Stainless Steel Mould gives the shape to the Chocolate Coin/Placard and the Logo Sheet gives it the Personalization

Our Instruction video using Magnetic and Stainless Steel Moulds: 

Benefits :

  • This concept is unique as the logo / message on the Chocolates can be either engraved or embossed and hence, gives a very nice 3 Dimensional effect to the Chocolates. Also, this concept is economical, durable and easy-to-use.

  • The same mould can be used for various Logos / messages by just interchanging the Logo Sheet. This Sheet is generally good for about 4,000 - 6,000 Chocolates or more depending on type, handling and usage.

  • Perfect for branding

  • We even offer custom packaging for your custom Chocolate Slab or Tablet

  • We generally require only 15 working days time to get the job done after receipt of your confirmation. We would require a hi-resolution image in black and white to start the work.

Want a customised Chocolate Tablet Mould ? Please contact us on Whatsapp + 91 6363254612 or  email