ChocoMan Chocolate Coating & Panning Machines

Mangharam Chocolate Solutions are happy to offer you our ChocoMan Chocolate Coating Machines. Made by us in India, these machines offer you high production capacities at down–to-earth prices.

An amazing range of Chocolates can be made in our ChocoMan Coat 24 and ChocoMan Spin : coat Almonds and other Nuts, Raisins and other Fruits, Crispies, Butterscotch, Coffee Beans and even Popcorn WITH CHOCOLATE !

 Here are some delicious CHOCOLATE COATED GOODIES everyone would love to buy from you : 


                       Almonds                                Cashew nuts                                        Fruits                                                Hazelnuts  


               Caramel Popcorn                              Starwberries                           Coloured Dragees               Metallic Coloured Dragees


               Corn Crisps                                 Coffee Beans                                         Cocoa-coated                                   Raisins, etc.

Presenting ChocoMan Spin and ChocoMan Coat 24



ChocoMan Chocolate Coating Machines ( also called Chocolate Panning Machines ) are manufactured from prime Stainless Steel and all crucial parts like Motor, Gearbox, etc. have been sourced from the excellent international manufacturers. Our machines work noiselessly and give years of good service. Please click here to read some testimonials from users of our ChocoMan Coat 24 and Spin.

To view detailed specifications of each machine and make a purchase, click on any of the machines above.To compare the ChocoMan Spin and ChocoMan Coat 24 side-by-side - click here to view the Comparison Chart

We introduce ourselves as India’s first Company to offer TOTAL CHOCOLATE SOLUTIONS. We have been in field of Chocolate since 25 years and offer an entire range of Chocolate Machines, Melters and Moulds, Raw and Packing Materials, Technical Know-how Expertise…..In fact, EVERYTHING IN CHOCOLATE ! A partial list of our customers and their comments here                                 

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