Joust Max Spray Gun / Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit 500W / JST80004

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Introducing the Joust Max Spray Gun - the ultimate tool for cake decorating and dessert masterpieces. This Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit is designed to help you create beautiful, creative designs on your cakes and desserts. The spray mist particles are adjustable, allowing you to control the density and coverage of the chocolate spray.

Whether you're a professional baker or a DIY enthusiast, this cake sprayer kit is perfect for all your baking needs. Here are some key features of the Joust Max Spray Gun: 

Versatile: the nozzle diameter of 1.8mm ensures precision and accuracy in your designs.

Adjustable Flow Rate: The flow rate of 700ml/min allows for smooth and consistent spraying, ensuring even coverage and professional results every time. - High Capacity: The 800ml bucket capacity means you can work on multiple projects without constantly refilling the spray gun.

Use materials that can be sprayed: cocoa butter, cocoa butter substitute, evaporex, alcohol, any other sprayable medium

Easy to Clean: After using the product, cleaning is a breeze. Clean it thoroughly to ensure optimal performance for your next project.

Material: ABS 

Color: Black+Grey

Voltage: 220V 50Hz

Power: 500W

Nozzle Diameter: 1.8mm / 0.07in

Bucket Capacity: 800ml

Spray Machine Height: 260mm / 10.2in

Whether you're a professional baker or a baking enthusiast, this cake sprayer kit is a must-have for your kitchen. Get yours today and let your creativity flourish in the world of dessert decoration.