ChocoMan Chocolate Melting Machines

We are happy to offer you our ChocoMan Chocolate Melting Machines cum Holding Tanks

Designed and priced to help you kick-start your growing Chocolate Business easily and economically. Our ChocoMan Chocolate Melting-cum-Holding Machines offer you good chocolate production capacities at down–to-earth prices.

Mangharam Chocolate Solutions is India’s first Company to offer TOTAL CHOCOLATE SOLUTIONS. We supply Chocolate Moulds, Machines and even the Technical Expertise to make excellent Chocolates.

We we can offer you the following Melting Machines :

1. ChocoMan BWG 100 Chocolate Melting Machine cum Holding Tanks - for melting approx 100 kgs

2. ChocoMan BWG 200 Chocolate Melting Machine cum Holding Tanks - for melting approx 200 kgs