ChocoMan Melt 12-2C Chocolate Melting Warmer Machine from Mangharam

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Mangharam Chocolate Solutions introduces ChocoMan Melt 12-2C with 2 Chocolate Containers.

  • ChocoMan Melt 12-2C Chocolate Melter is a Table Top model ideally suited for Bakers, Chocolatiers and Star Hotels.

  • ChocoMan Melt 12-2C revolutionary features include a Night Heater which melts the chocolate slabs for you overnight so that no time is wasted in the morning.

  • Completely crafted from prime stainless steel,  ChocoMan Melt 12-2C Chocolate Melter is fitted with 2 Chocolate Containers. One can melt 4 kgs and the other 8 kgs of Chocolate at one time using air or water.

  • Fitted with an electronic Temperature Controller to melt chocolate to precise temperatures and prevent scorching the chocolate.

  • Comes with Stainless Steel lids as standard.

  • Dimensions of melter : L 71cm x B 38cm x H 23cm ( L 28" x W 15"x H 9" )

  • Dimensions of containers ( inside ) : Large : L 32.5 cm x B 29.5 cm x H 10 cm / Small : L 30 cm x W 15 cm x H 10 cm

  • Weight of melter: 25 kgs approx.

  • Power Consumption : 700 watts

  • NOTE : We provide the Lid to keep melted chocolate safe from dust/insects.
    However, if covered while heating, moisture may form on the under-side of the Lid and fall into the melted chocolate, affecting its usability. Kindly bear in mind this fact and use the Lid as per your judgement and discretion. We are in no way responsible for the effect of moisture on the melted chocolate in the melter.   

                                                                                                                             Please note if you wish to use with Pure Chocolate : The ChocoMan Melt 12 –   2C is not suitable for 2 different Couverture Chocolate, such as Milk and Dark.   This because both the containers will have the same temperature, whereas each   type of chocolate requires different temperatures after tempering. However, the   Melt 12-2C works well with two different types of compound chocolate.

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 Customers outside India :

ChocoMan Melt 12-2C costs USD 666.00 / Euro 621.00 / GB Pounds 531.00.  (Shipping extra at actuals).

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