ChocoMan Chocolate Melters & Chocolate Warmers

 Mangharam Chocolate Solutions presents ChocoMan Chocolate Melters / Chocolate Warmers

We are happy to offer you our ChocoMan Chocolate Melters and Chocolate Warmers – designed and priced to help you kick-start your growing Chocolate Business easily and economically. Our ChocoMan Chocolate Melters and ChocoMan Chocolate Melting-cum-Holding Machines  offer you good chocolate production capacities at down–to-earth prices.

Mangharam Chocolate Solutions is India’s first Company to offer TOTAL CHOCOLATE SOLUTIONS. We supply Chocolate Moulds, Machines and even the Technical Expertise to make excellent Chocolates.

From our smallest to largest Chocolate Melters, we can offer you the following models :

  1. ChocoMan Two Cute Chocolate Melter ( available in Mild Steel and Stainless Steel Models ) - our basic model to help you melt Compound Chocolate.                                                                                                              

  2. ChocoMan 5 Chocolate Melter - economical yet excellent ; best suited for tempering couverture chocolate as it has a precise electronic temperature controller.                                                                                                                           

  3. ChocoMan Melt 6 Chocolate Melter - high-end melter with revolutionary features like all Stainless steel body, Jacketed tank, supports Dry as well as Wet heating, Night heat mode, stainless steel lid, etc.                                                                   

  4. ChocoMan Melt 12 Chocolate Melter - same as ChocoMan Melt 6  but with double its capacity.                                                                                                             

  5. ChocoMan Chocolate Melting Tanks and Holding Tanks - heavy duty chocolate machines for melting 100 kgs and above. For large volume production requirements.

Not sure which Chocolate Melter best suits your requirements and budget ? Click here to view the Comparison Chart for our ChocoMan 5, Melt 6 and Melt 12 Melters.