Comparison between ChocoMan Melters

ChocoMan Chocolate Melters Comparison: 


Specifications ChocoMan 5 ChocoMan Melt 6 ChocoMan Melt 12
Body Mild Steel Powder-coated Stainless Steel 304 food grade Stainless Steel 304 food grade
Heater single heater double heater double heater
Heater wattage 450 Watts 500 Watts + 100 Watts 700 Watts + 100 Watts
Heating Method : Air  Yes Yes Yes
Heating Method : Water No Yes Yes
Temperature Controls Electronic Electronic Electronic
Pan  Stainless steel with Acrylic Lid Stainless Steel GN Pan with SS Lid Stainless Steel GN Pan with SS Lid
Pan Capacity 5 kgs 8 kgs 13 kgs
Electrical circuitry & controls Basic Advanced Advanced
Night Mode ( allowing chocolate to melt over-night to save time in the morning )  No  Yes Yes
Insulation  Basic Excellent Excellent
Jacketed ( the space between the Body and Pan) No Yes Yes
Design Old Latest Latest
Packing Corrugated box Wooden Box Wooden Box
Weight 13 kg 20 kg 26 kg
Price ( basic )  Rs.16,992 Rs.42,000 Rs.54,900


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