ChocoMan Two Cute Chocolate Melter (Mild Steel/Cream Colour)

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Presenting ChocoMan Two Cute Chocolate Melter Warmer (Mild Steel) from Mangharam Chocolate Solutions.

Want to Make Chocolates at home but don't know where to start ? Start with our small ChocoMan Two Cute Chocolate Melter. 

  • The ChocoMan Two Cute is a Twin-Tub Chocolate Melter and  is  ideally suited for both professional and domestic users. 
  • Stainless Steel containers, each of 1.2 Kgs approx.
  • Capacity fitted with electrical dial – type thermostat. Made in India. 
  • Dimensions : 37 cms x 25 cms x 18 cm Height ,Weight : approx. 6 Kgs.
  • Please note that the above melter is not suitable for use with
    Pure Chocolate as it is not equipped with precision , electronic
    Temperature Controllers. In case you would like to make Pure
    Chocolate, we suggest you opt for our ChocoMan 5.
  • Guarantee on  Melter: 6 months against manufacturing defects only. Shipment to and fro to avail guarantee to be borne by the customer.

  • Goods once sold will not take back or exchanged.