ChocoMan Melt 12 Chocolate Melting Warmer Machine from Mangharam

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Introducing the new and revolutionary Chocolate Melter : ChocoMan Melt 12 Chocolate Melting Machine from Mangharam Chocolate Solutions.

  • ChocoMan Melt 12 Chocolate Melter is a Table Top model ideally suited for Bakers, Chocolatiers and Star Hotels.

  • ChocoMan Melt 12 revolutionary features include a Night Heater which melts the chocolate slabs for you overnight so that no time is wasted in the morning.

  • Completely crafted from prime stainless steel,  ChocoMan Melt 12 Chocolate Melter can melt 12-13 kgs of Chocolate at one time using air or water.

  • Fitted with an electronic Temperature Controller makes it suitable for tempering chocolate.

  • Comes with a Stainless Steel lid as standard.

  • Dimensions of melter : L 71cm x B 38cm x H 23cm , L 28" x W 15"x H 9"

  • Weight of melter: 25 kgs approx.

  • Power Consumption : 700 watts

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We have now introduced 2 more variants of our popular Melt 12 : they are Melt 12-2C and Melt 12-3C. Click here for the Comparison Chart for the 3 variants of Melt 12 Chocolate Melters.

 Customers outside India :

Special Offer until 31 July 2021: ChocoMan Melt 12 costs USD 750.00 / Euro 660.00 / GB Pounds 555.00. (Shipping extra at actuals).

( Power supply : 220V )

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