ChocoMan Two Cute Chocolate Melter-Stainless Steel from Mangharam Chocolate Solutions

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Presenting ChocoMan Two Cute Chocolate Melter Warmer (Stainless Steel) from Mangharam Chocolate Solutions.

Want to Make Chocolates at home but don't know where to start ? Start with our small ChocoMan Two Cute Chocolate Melter.

The ChocoMan Two Cute is a Twin-Tub Chocolate Melter / Warmer and is ideally suited for both professional and domestic users. The budding Chocolate entrepreneur will be as comfortable with it as the Bakery Chef of a Star Hotel. 

The ChocoMan Two Cute a  high-performance and easy-to-use Chocolate  Melter which can be used to melt Pure and Compound Chocolate, Hot Sauces and Chocolate Dips, etc. 

Now, making marbled Chocolates or  multi-coloured Chocolate is just a breeze.....the Two Cute will make your work faster and easier and great fun ! 

Features : 

1.   Fully crafted from food-grade Stainless Steel, ensuring hygiene and rust-free operation for years. 

2.   The ChocoMan Two Cute comes with 2 Stainless Steel Tubs with SS Lids. Each Tub can hold/melt approx. 1.2 kgs of Chocolate.

3.   Each tub has its own Heater with its own On/Off switch. So, one can use any one or both Tubs at any time. Each 80 watt heater gives mild heat to the chocolate ensuring that the chocolate does not get burnt. Please note that constant manual stirring is a must. 

4.   Heat / temperature can be set individually for each Tub. Each has its own  Temperature Controller (Thermostat) to control the heat. Each Tub also has an LED indicator which lights up when the Heater is On. 

5.   Dimensions: H 180 mm  x W 370 mm x D 250 mm / 
      ( In inches : H 7" x W 14.5" x D 10" approx. ) 

6.   Weight: 6 kgs ( approx.) 

7.   Power: 220V single phase and can be used with any domestic 5 Amp socket.

8.   Guarantee on  Melter: 6 months against manufacturing defects only. Shipment to and fro to avail guarantee to be borne by the customer.

9.    Goods once sold will not take back or exchanged.

NOTE We provide the Lid to keep melted chocolate safe from dust/insects.
However, if covered while heating, moisture may form on the under-side of the Lid and fall into the melted chocolate, affecting its usability. Kindly bear in mind this fact and use the Lid as per your judgement and discretion. We are in no way responsible for the effect of moisture on the melted chocolate in the melter.   

Please note if you wish to use with Pure Chocolate : The ChocoMan Two Cute is a Chocolate Melter and not a Tempering Machine/Temperor. It is not equipped with precise, electronic Temperature Controller and hence may not be suitable to maintain Chocolate at precise temperatures.

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