ChocoMan Chocolate Tempering cum Moulding Machines

Mangharam Chocolate Solutions offers a range of Chocolate Tempering cum Moulding Machines to suit your Chocolate production requirements. 

We are happy to offer you our ChocoMan Chocolate Machines – designed in Europe and made by us in India, these machines offer you high production capacities at down – to - earth prices. 

ChocoMan Star, ChocoMan 15, ChocoMan 30 &  ChocoMan 30 Deluxe


 Milk, Dark and White Chocolate                     Hollow Moulds                                    Garnish Moulds                            Dry Fruit Chocolates  



            Bar & Slabs                    Moulded Chocolates                    Centre-fillings                    Dessert Cups                        Personalised Chocolates     

Some of the samples made on these machines can be see above. Various types of Moulded Chocolates can be made in these multi-functional machines : Bite-sized, Centre-filled, Bars, Slabs, Hollow figures, Dessert cups, Personalized chocolates and more.....

The ChocoMan Star, ChocoMan 15 & ChocoMan 30 offer an All-IN-ONE SOLUTION for Melting, Tempering and Moulding chocolate.

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                ChocoMan Star



                 ChocoMan 15


Mangharam Chocolate Solutions India ChocoMan 30 Chocolate Machine                

                ChocoMan 30                                   ChocoMan 30 Deluxe


The above ChocoMan range are Wheel Type machines and work on the time-tested SEEDING method to Temper the Chocolate. This method has been in existence since 50 years and seasoned Chocolatiers world-wide will vouch for the efficacy of this method.

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VIdeo of our ChocoMan 30 in action : 

New-age Chocolate Making Machines:

In today's world, technology has made rapid strides in all fields, Chocolate production included. Just as in automobiles, manual gear transmissions gave way to automatic transmissions, similarly in the field of Chocolate, automatic Tempering machines are now in good demand. Hence, we also import and supply these automatic Tempering Machines. 

Presenting the GRACIA 24 Automatic Chocolate Tempering and Dispensing Machine. The Gracia 24 is the answer to the needs of the modern and efficient Chocolatier. It features automatic tempering, automatic dosing, processor technology and high production - all in a compact and mobile package !  

Mangharam Chocolate Solutions ChocoMan Gracia 24 automatic tempering chocolate machine

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