Silicone Multiflex Mould MUL3D - 28mm

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Model No.                                :  MUL3D - 28mm
Volume of Dessert Portion      :  11.5 ml  approx.
Dimensions of Portion             : Diameter : 28 mm  approx.
Cavities / Mould                       :  6 Cavities x 2 Moulds = 12 cavities   
Dimensions of Master Mould   :  455 x 205 x 195 mm  approx.

These innovative Multiflex moulds are ideal for creating of single portion ice-creams,desserts, confections, etc. The moulds are modular and placed on crush-proof polycarbonate trays.The Multiflex moulds are made of 100% food safe silicone and can be used in the blast chiller as well as in the oven. These Multiflex moulds are ideal for home as well as professional use.

A Multiflex Kit consists of :

  •   2   Moulds 
  •   1   Transparent Tray of size : 12 x 40 cm 

Our Multiflex Moulds are made in Italy, by world leaders in Silicone Moulds. The advantages of Silicone Multiflex Moulds are many :

  • Lower production time
  • Transparency that permits to recognize the product inside
  • Ease of storage and washing
  • Non-stick, easy de-moulding at any temperature (down to -60°C).
  • Can even be used for microwave cooking, baking, etc. up to +230 Deg. C.