Copy of Place international orders - FAQs

We now supply most of our ChocoMan Machines, Melters, Moulds and Materials worldwide. Please note the following before ordering :

1.   Orders : accepted electronically via -
      a. our Order Forms on our website
      b. e-mail to

2.   Communication : in English language

3.   Customers contact details : Full name, Company name,  complete delivery address, e-mail and phone number in the order.

4.   Payment methods : Credit/Debit card ( securely via Paypal )  and Bank Transfers.

      a. PAYPAL: securely allows payments by your existing Debit / Credit Cards in your currency. We will send you a Paypal generated Invoice link and payment can be done securely by clicking the link.

       b. BANK TRANSFER: generally payments for larger orders are made by Bank Transfer.

Please note that there is a nominal difference in pricing in Indian and international prices. This is due to currency exchange rates, Paypal commissions, Customs formalities, admin charges, etc.

5.   Returns and refunds : Please check if your country permits entry of the products before ordering. Please also confirm the voltage with us before placing orders. We are unable to take back the goods nor refund any amounts paid.

International Customers for our Food-grade Chocolate Colours options :

a.     Individual Chocolate Colours : Order Form

b.     Chocolate Colour Starter Kit for your trials. This cute little kit  contains 8 Regular colours ( 2 gms of each colour ) + 4 Metallic colours ( 1 gm of each colour ). To place an order, please click here

c.    Chocolate Colour Sets containing :

        14 Regular colours of 25 gms each colour : Order Form

        14 Regular colours of 25 gms each colour + 6 Metallic colours of 10 gm each colour : Order Form

        14 Regular colours of 100 gms each colour : Order Form

        15 Regular colours of 100 gms each colour : Order Form

        14 Regular colours of 100 gms each colour + 6 Metallic colours of 10 gm each colour : Order Form 

        10 Metallic colours of 5 gms each colour : Order Form

        10 Metallic colours 10 gms each colour : Order Form

        10 Metallic colours of 25 gms each colour : Order Form

International Customers for our Chocolate Machines and Melters 

a.      ChocoMan 30 Deluxe melting+tempering+moulding : Order Form

b.      ChocoMan 30 melting+tempering+moulding machine : Order Form

c.      ChocoMan 15 Deluxe melting+tempering+moulding machine : Order Form

d.      ChocoMan 15 melting+tempering+moulding machine : Order Form

e.      ChocoMan Coat 24 panning machine : Order Form

f.       ChocoMan Spin panning machine : Order Form

g.      ChocoMan Spin with SS Trolley : Order Form

h.      ChocoMan Melt 105 Melting Machine : Order Form

i.       ChocoMan Melt 210 Melting Machine : Order Form

j.       ChocoMan Melt 12 warmer/melter : Order Form

k.      ChocoMan Melt 6 warmer/melter : Order Form

l.       ChocoMan Spin + Melt 6 Combo : Order Form

m.     ChocoMan Vibrating Table VT-03 : Order Form

n.      ChocoMan VT-03 + Melt 6 Combo : Order Form

o.       ChocoMan Flaking machine CF-01 : Order Form

 International Customers for our Chocolate Moulds

a.       Chocolate Cake Topper Moulds : Order Form 

b.       Customized Cake Topper Moulds : Order Form