Chocolate World Polycarbonate Mould MMV013 / 11 gr / 18 cavities

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Mould No.                                            :   MMV013
Make                                                    :  Belgium 
Mould Type                                          :   Tray Type
Mould Size                                           :  275 x 135mm
No. of Chocolate Cavities per Mould   :  18 pcs
Size of Chocolate Cavity                     :   approx. 30 x 32  x 15 mm Ht.
Weight of Chocolate                           :   approx. 11 gms


The worlds' finest Chocolate makers have one important thing in common - all of them use Polycarbonate Moulds to make their Chocolates.

Magnetic Chocolate Moulds are polycarbonate Moulds with detachable covers. These Moulds are specifically made for use with Transfer Sheets to make  'Printed Chocolates'  or 'Personalised Chocolates'. They can be used with Transfer Sheets or with our Logo Sheets - the RESULTS are STUNNING. They are extremely durable, unbreakable and give years of trouble-free service. These moulds are used at Chocolate Factories, Star Hotels, Flight Kitchens, Bakeries, Cake and Pastry Shops, Restaurants and Homes the world over.

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