Mangharam ChocoMan 15 Customers & Testimonials

Some of Our Esteemed Clients who are using our ChocoMan 15 (in alphabetical order):

Star Hotels : Jehan Numa Palace, Novotel Goa, and many more.

Chocolatiers : Conscious Living, Auroville; Chocolitious, Haryana; ChocoChini, Batinda; Choco Sky, Secunderabad; Chocolate Junction, Bangalore; Dangee Dums, Ahmedabad; Diletto Chocolates, Hyderabad;  Eevince Chocolates, Mumbai; Sweet Escapes, New Delhi; Zoroy, Bangalore, etc.

Bakers and Confectioners:  Amma Pastries, Bangalore; Bake & Shake, Bhopal; Brijwasi Delice, Mathura; Gout & Arigato, Mumbai  and many more.

Flight Kitchens: Taj Sats Air Caterers, etc.

Institutional: Academy of Pastry Arts; Bangalore Culinary Academy;  White Lotus School and many more.

Exported to : Indonesia, Nepal, South Africa, etc. 


ChocoMan Machines' Users and their Comments

Ardent fan of their products. Be it the machinery or the accessories- great quality, long-lasting, and amazing results. I personally visit them everytime I want to purchase as they not not only suggest products as per your requirement but also give you ideas for betterment and also pro tips on the usage. My personal favourite one stop as a chocolatier.

 Ms. Vishala Hulikal, Coco Myst, Bangalore


We are very happy with our Chocoman 15. During Diwali, we were able to supply 1500 kgs of Chocolates in 15-16 days, thanks to the ChocoMan 15. We would never have been able to produce so much Chocolate without it. Thanks for everything and you can expect an order for one more soon !

Mrs. Bhor, Mumbai


I am a very happy customer of their tempering machines ChocoMan15 & vibrating table. I had been wanting to make my chocolate process some bit automated, the machine really helped in that process. My initial queries were whether it will give me the precise temperatures (as compared to the imported machines..the cost of their machine was quite handy) and so my doubt was even bigger, and will it operate smoothly without any concerns as they were based out of Bangalore and I was in Delhi. To my delight & much relief, the machines performed perfectly, the temperature sensor very exact + a thermometer helped in this process, also it worked well has not given me any hassles whatsoever in my ~ 1 - 1.5 years of use. I did not need any service. The man (Rajendra Mangharam) himself was very detailed and very confident about his equipment, which helped me rely my trust in the beginning and now after using them i can vouch for these. Thank you Sir!

Ms. Komal Khosla, Carra Chocolates, New Delhi