Mangharam Chocolate Garnish Mould SSP 120A for Greetings & Wishes Messages

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Mangharam Chocolate Garnish Mould Set SSP 120A for making beautiful Best Wishes, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and other Greetings messages

These Chocolate Coins & Placards are smart, cute and a great way of conveying messages on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, festivals and occasions. 

Your customers will just love your Cakes, Confections, Desserts, Sweet-meats and Ice-creams adorned with delicate Chocolate Garnishes with Happy Birthday and other Greetings on them. 

As these Chocolate Coins and Placards are just 3 mm thick and very light, they are not expensive to make or serve. Small wonder that they are very popular with :

  • Bakers :  as a edible topping for Cakes, Pastries and Desserts.
  • Star Hotels : for all the above as well as Good-night chocolates
  • Airlines : as a light and feel-good dessert after the meal
  • Corporates : in board meetings to sweeten the impact of hard decisions !
  • Weddings : to make guests feel welcome
  • Festivals : to lift up the festive mood
  • Birthdays : to make the birthday girl or boy feel special

Chocolate Garnish Set SSP 120A consists of One Stainless Steel Mould with 1 Logo Sheet.
The SS Mould gives the shape to the Chocolate Garnish and the Logo Sheet gives it the Greetings Message.

The Logo Sheet has 6 different Greetings Messages in different shapes - two with Happy Birthday, one with Congratulations, one with Happy Anniversary, one with Best Wishes and one with Thank You.
Specifications :

Mould No.     :   SSP 120A

Mould Type   :   Garnish Mould

Mould Size     :   139 x 89 mm x 3 mm thickness

One SSP 120 Set consists of   : One SS Mould + One SS Back Plate + 5 Screw Knobs + 1 Logo Sheets 

No. of Chocolate Cavities per Mould  :  6 cavities in various shapes described below

Shapes of Chocolate Cavities                      : 

Lotus : L 47 x H 50 mm x Thickness 3 mm - Weight of chocolate : 5 gms approx.; 

Diamond Coin : L 40 x H 45 mm x Thickness 3 mm - Weight of chocolate : 4 gms approx.;

Octagon Coin : L 35 x H 35 mm x Thickness 3 mm - Weight of chocolate : 3 gms approx. ; 

Oval Coin : L 24 x H 27 mm Thickness3 mm - Weight of chocolate : 2 gms approx. ;

Pentagon Placard : L 45 x H 35 mm Thickness 3 mm - Weight of chocolate : 3 gms approx. ;

Rectangle Placard : L 45 x H 36 mm Thickness 3 mm - Weight of chocolate : 3.5 gms approx.

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