Mangharam Cocoa Butter Substitute Colour Kit - Set of 9 different colours slabs

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Introducing Mangharam Cocoa Butter Substitute Colour Kit - Set of 9 different colour slabs of 33g each.

Our Cocoa Butter Substitute (CBS) Colours can be used as you would use Cocoa Butter Colours, but without the hassle of tempering and at a fraction of the cost of Cocoa Butter Colours ! Packed in easy-to-break slabs of 33 gms each.

Make your chocolates and cakes, chocolate decorations and garnishes come to LIFE with our new COCOA BUTTER SUBSTITUTE COLOUR KIT! 

Designed specially to give a fantastic look to your confections without the hassle of tempering them, our Cocoa Butter Substitute Colours (CBS Colours) help you get your work done quickly and beautifully. To top it all, they are highly cost effective and will not burn a hole in your pocket !

We have made a Set of 9 popular Colours for a special introductory price of Rs.660 only ( limited period offer ). The CBS Colour Set consists of 9 Slabs of 33 gms each of Bright Red, Blue, Green, Golden Yellow, Black, White, Purple, Lemon Yellow & Pink. 

Most chefs agree that CBS Colours work best at 32 Degrees C.