Mangharam Chocolate & Cream soluble Colour PURPLE - 25 gms Jar

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Make your Chocolates & Cakes COME TO LIFE with our Mangharam Chocolate and Cream-soluble Food-grade colours. Mangharam Chocolate Colours are highly concentrated and available in powdered form.

Mangharam colours are a must for every Baker and Confectioner. These powder colours are highly concentrated and soluble in 20+ mediums. They mix well in chocolate, cocoa butter, cream, whipped cream, cake batter, dough, fondant, ganache, isomalt, sugar work, glaze, jelly, wafer paper and many more..

Mangharam colours do not leave any bitter after taste nor do they leave colour on the tounge.

Available in 15 popular variants like White, Lemon Yellow, Golden Yellow, Orange, Red, Bright Red, Pink, Maroon, Green, Lime Green, Leaf Green, Blue, Purple, Brown and Black. You can experiment by mixing these colours and create new ones.

Dosage and usage : Our powder colours can be mixed directly in the cream/white chocolate in the desired ratio. This could be approx. 0.1% of the total weight of cream/white chocolate. The colour may also be mixed with cocoa butter and sprayed/painted on the mould/product.  

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Based in Bangalore, India, Mangharam Chocolate Solutions offers TOTAL CHOCOLATE SOLUTIONS - Chocolate Machines, Chocolate Moulds, Chocolate Melters, Chocolate Raw and Packing Materials and even the technical expertise to make excellent Chocolates.

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