Mangharam Art Master Air Brush Kit JUMBO & Compressor

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Air Brush JumboHigh Performance, User Friendly & Versatile

  • Precision high performing user-friendly airbrush that's ideal for all levels of users from Beginners to experienced airbrush.

  • Specifications: Air Brush Jumbo

  • Art Master Jumbo Gun only

  • the package consists of a spray gun/spanner/nozzle

  • Portable, Light & Easy to use.

  • Used for Cake Decoration, chocolate colouring  & other Art Work.

  • Cup capacity - 12CC - Brass Cup, Nozzle ID -0.3 mm


  • Specifications: Compressor

    • Effective inhalation speed 0.3ml/ minute
    • The small particle size of mmad 4.56um easily accessories The lower airways for effective inhalation
    • 10ml medication capacity with minimal residual Drug residue
    • The full set of accessories includes an adult mask, a baby mask and a mouthpiece
    • Aerosol output Rate 0.109ml/min