Chocolate World Polycarbonate Mould RM12007 / 65.5 gr / 2 Cavities Slab

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Polycarbonate Chocolate Mould RM12007 from Mangharam Chocolate Solutions

The worlds' finest Chocolate makers have one important thing in common - all of them use Polycarbonate Moulds to make their Chocolates. The glossy, shiny and appealing Chocolate Bars and Bonbons are the direct result of using a good Polycarbonate Mould (Mold). Chocolates made using Polycarbonate moulds do not have any dull spots as heat is evenly distributed during refrigeration. These moulds, being translucent, help Chocolatiers decide the exact time when the Chocolate is ready for de-moulding, resulting in an excellent finish.

Mould No.                                            :   RM 12007
Make                                                     :   Belgium 
Mould Type                                          :   Tray Type
Mould Size                                           :   275 x135 x24mm
No. of Chocolate Cavities per Mould :  1 x 2 pc
Size of Chocolate Cavity                     :   approx.123.5 x77  x 6.5mm 
Weight of Chocolate                            :   approx.65.5 gms  

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