ChocoMan Chocolate Refiner Conche 40 for Bean to Bar Chocolate

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Mangharam Chocolate Solutions presents our ChocoMan Chocolate Refiner Conche 40 for Bean to Bar Chocolate

Now you can produce high quality milk, dark and white chocolates, truffles, compounds and many other products with our ChocoMan Refiner Conche 40.

Our ChocoMan Refiner Conche 40 is ideally suited for producing approx. 40 kgs of chocolate per day and hence the best choice for smaller establishments. It is particularly useful for sampling, pilot projects and laboratory use.

The ChocoMan Refiner Conche 40 is a surface scraping mixer and agitator used to make silky smooth chocolate from cocoa powder. Cocoa beans may also be used. This novel method  promotes flavour development through frictional heat. This method also helps release volatiles and acids and helps oxidation. When ingredients are mixed in this way, sometimes for up to 78 hours, chocolate produced with have a very small particle size ( smooth texture ) and also taste great.

The ChocoMan Refiner Conche is equipped with a Hand Control System to increase or decrease pressure on the Chocolate. This fine-tuning is useful to make chocolate of the finest quality.

This machine has been designed for easy cleaning as it is fitted with a hinged Delivery Door that can be opened easily. This facilitates thorough cleaning when switching from one product to the other.

Technical Specifications

Capacity : 40 litres

Particle fineness : 20-25 microns 

Milling time :  7 - 9 hours 

Power : 2.2 KW 

Dimensions of machine : L 100 cm x   B 80 cm x H 80 cm

Weight of machine : 400 kgs approx.

Made in China 

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