ChocoMan Mini Chocolate Enrobing Machine JZJ 08

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Presenting the ChocoMan Mini Chocolate Enrobing Machine JZJ 08 from Mangharam Chocolate Solutions.

ChocoMan Chocolate Enrobing Machines are manufactured from prime Stainless Steel and all crucial parts like Motor, Gearbox, etc. have been sourced from the excellent international manufacturers. Made by us in India, these machines offer you high production capacities at down–to-earth prices.

The ChocoMan Mini Enrober JZJ 08 offers an all-in-one solution for tempering, moulding and enrobing chocolates.The ChocoMan Enrober JZJ 08 can be used for enrobing ganaches, cookies or whatever your heart desires, with chocolate. The products travel on a stainless steel wire mesh belt and are enrobed by a curtain of Chocolate.

The ChocoMan Mini Enrober JZJ 08 is a very versatile machine - it can coat top + bottom or top only. In addition, ChocoMan Enrober JZJ08 doubles as a Moulding Machine by simply removing the Enrobing Belt attachment.

To watch the video of Mangharam Chocolate Solutions ChocoMan Mini Enrober JZJ08, please click here

Salient features of our Chocolate Mini Enrobing Machine ChocoMan Enrober JZJ 08 :

• Total Enrobing and Moulding Solution for making different varieties of Chocolates

• Complete Stainless Steel construction with Food- grade revolving Wheel.

• Precise temperature control with electronic temperature controller

• Total speed controller for best results and efficiency

• Compact and Space-saving model

• Top Heater unit fitted ensuring correct chocolate viscosity

• Can coat upto 60 pieces / minute

• Good quality at a very reasonable price