ChocoMan Enrobing Machines from Mangharam Chocolate Solutions

ChocoMan Enrobing Machines from Mangharam Chocolate Solutions

We introduce ourselves as India’s first Company to offer TOTAL CHOCOLATE SOLUTIONS. We have been in field of Chocolate since 25 years and offer an entire range of Chocolate Machines, Melters and Moulds, Raw and Packing Materials, Technical Know-how Expertise….In fact, EVERYTHING IN CHOCOLATE ! 

ChocoMan Enrobers offer the all-in-one solution for tempering, moulding and enrobing chocolates.These Chocolate Enrobing Machines  can be used for enrobing ganaches, cookies, cream wafers, marzipan, truffles, marshmellows, cup cakes etc. or whatever your heart desires, with chocolate. The products travel on a stainless steel wire mesh belt and are enrobed by a curtain of Chocolate.

        Chocolate enrobed - Mangharam Chocolate Solutions Chocolate enrober JZJ08      Mangharam Chocolate Solutions chocolate enrobing machine      Mangharam Chocolate Solutions chocoman enrobing machine

Mangharam Chocolate Solutions' ChocoMan Enrobing Machines can help you enrobe Cookies, Cream Wafers, Marshmellows, Cup cakes, Ganaches, Marzipan, Truffles, etc. WITH CHOCOLATE !

Presenting ChocoMan Chocolate Enrober  JZJ08 

                                               Mangharam Chocolate Solutions ChocoMan Mini Enrobing machine JZJ08      Mangharam Chocolate Solutions chocoman mini chocolate enrober jzj08

The ChocoMan Mini Enrober JZJ 08 is a very versatile machine - it doubles as a Moulding Machine by simply removing the Enrobing Belt attachment. This , coupled with a low price, makes it an ideal entry-level Enrober for start-ups, bakeries, chocolate shops, laboratories, etc. 

To watch the video of the ChocoMan Mini Enrober JZJ08, please click here

Presenting ChocoMan Gracia 24 Chocolate Enrobing Machine

Mangharam Chocolate Solutions ChocoMan Gracia 24 Chocolate Enrobing machine

The ChocoMan Gracia 24 Chocolate Enrobing Machine is a larger capacity machine and suitable for factory use. This Professional Enrobing Machine is capable of tremendous capacity of 30 kgs per hour. The ChocoMan Gracia 24 Enrober has has all the features of a top-of-the-line Chocolate Enrober. All vital functions are fully adjustable - the amount of Chocolate, the belt speed, the air blower and even the belt vibration. In addition, it can be folded and wheeled to a corner to save space. 

To watch the video of the ChocoMan Gracia 24, please click here

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  ChocoMan Enrober JZJ08              ChocoMan Gracia 24 Enrober