Chocolate Projects - How to Make Chocolates

How to Make Chocolates....and MONEY ! 

Want to Make Chocolates? You have come to the right place! Mangharam Chocolate Solutions has been giving Chocolate Projects from 22 years. 

The Chocolate Revolution has begun and you can be a part of it ! We Indians have now discovered that the “Food of the Gods” ( Greek translation of the Cacao Plant) is one of life’s great pleasures and are taking it to their lips like never before. 

 Making Chocolates is interesting, creative, self-employing and very profitable! Add to the above the fact that it requires very little space and investment and you have a very lucrative business proposition!

In short, making Chocolates is the shortest route to becoming a BIG SHOT !

Our Chocolate Project is simple, practical and inexpensive. It does not require any prior experience and is suitable for anyone, be it a homemaker, student, businessman baker, etc. We teach you the Chocolate Making Process...step-by-step. Our hands-on Art of Making Fine Chocolates Course will make you an excellent Chocolatier in just two days ! 

 We offer the following Chocolate Projects:

1. Fancy Moulded Chocolates Projects


Fancy Moulded Chocolates Projects :  Make heavenly bite-sized pralines, chocolate hollow figurines, marbled and coloured chocolates, truffles, personalised chocolates and more....this popular Project includes a Chocolate Melting-cum-Moulding machine, European Polycarbonate Chocolate moulds and the Art of Making Fine Chocolates Class. We have 2 variants based on one's production capacity requirement.

For more details and rates of our Fancy Moulded Chocolate Projects, please click here


 2. Chocolate Nutties Project


Chocolate Nutties Project : Those small, cute roundies are in good demand due to their taste, fillings and flavours. One can coat nuts, crispies, dry fruits, truffle balls, dates, coffee beans and even popcorn with Chocolate. These Chocolate-coated goodies can be created in hundreds of different flavours and combinations, ensuring that all customers are happy !

For details and rates of our Chocolate Nuttie Project, please click here


 3. Bean to Bar Project : 


Bean to Bar Project : Designed for those perfectionists who wish to make their own bespoke artisan chocolates using their own recipes and methods. This new genre in the field of Chocolate has created a niche among Chocolate lovers world-wide that is rapidly gaining in popularity. Write to us for details by clicking here 


The advantages of taking the Chocolate Projects are many :

  • Chocolate making is a high profit, low investment and very dignified business.
  • One can start Chocolate business immediately without any gestation period.
  • One can even start Chcoolate business from home.
  • Prior knowledge or experience is not required.
  • The latest European chocolate-making techniques are taught at our factory in Peenya, Bangalore.
  • Help in costing, packaging, marketing, etc. of Chocolate is imparted.
  • In addition, we give complete attention and hands-on Chocolate training ensuring that the aspirants can make good Chocolates with confidence.

A few comments from our customers who have undertaken our Chocolate Projects here

Note: Our above Chocolate Projects have temporarily been suspended on account of travel restrictions due to Covid. We will re-start when it is safe to travel again. Looking forward to better days ahead !